Elier Lopez is a Mexican-American Filmmaker born on April 21, 1992, in East Los Angeles, California. He graduated from California State University Northridge (CSUN), with a Bachelor of Arts in Cinema and Television Arts, emphasis in Film Production. 

Elier's professional career began in his sophomore year of college, editing for CSUN's career center and interning as an editor for KLRN Pasadena. Elier also began working as a cinematographer and videographer freelancing on independent film sets as well as filming weddings. 

Out of college, Elier continued as a freelancer for various projects until being recruited by AGI Business Group, owned by Rica Famosa Latina Star Adriana Gallardo, who is known for her successful California insurance company Adriana's Insurance. From there, Elier harnessed both his cinematography and editing skills to reach a more professional standard eventually directing commercials that would be seen state wide. 

Elier later continued his career in video marketing producing, shooting, and editing videos for various clients. His career began to grow and broaden to also write, produce, and direct music videos and short films. 

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